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Valencia’s borrower clients include entrepreneurs, private investors, corporations, and institutions, each with unique needs spanning the entire capital structure, but principally senior mortgage financing.

Our capabilities reflect a wide array of debt facilities including acquisition financing, permanent financing, interim financing, construction financing, junior debt, recapitalizations, and structured finance.

Established relationships across a comprehensive market of capital sources equip our firm to deliver a customized suite of solutions to our borrower clients. These sources include domestic and foreign banks, credit unions, insurance companies, conduit lenders, family offices, government sponsored agencies, hedge funds, private equity funds and private lenders.

Financing platforms are Northeast US-centric, but enable Valencia to capitalize properties across the entire US.

How do you know you're getting the best terms?

The market of capital available to finance real estate is more complex and unstructured than many borrowers realize. Lenders frequently shift their portfolio allocation preferences to reflect changing risk-reward profiles. For instance, a capital source may be a suitable lender for a specific offering one quarter, and unable to come close to market terms for a similar offering in the next quarter. By working with Valencia as an advisor, clients leverage the firm’s expertise in structuring a debt offering positioned for optimal placement in the universe of potential lenders. Only after outliers in the market have been identified and negotiated for a specific offering are you able to truly determine the best terms. By working with Valencia, borrowers save substantial time while expectations are usually exceeded.

Types of Financing

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